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Frequently asked questions

About an MBA

¿What is an MBA?

A Master in Business Administration is a professional degree that seeks to give students the necessary tools to succeed in the business world. Most of the MBAs will last between one and two years and will include a core program and a set of electives form which the student may choose to tailor the program to his own needs.

The core program is intended to give you the foundations in business and how to run any organization. It will typically include classes of Marketing, Management, Strategy, Finance and Economics, among others.

The elective cycle will allow you to concentrate in an area of expertise or to get more in-depth knowledge of general management.

Typically, a two-year program will give you the opportunity to pursue a summer internship in which you gain real world experience. A two-year program is very useful for those who have little or no business training or work experience in the field or want to give a new direction to their careers. A one year program can save you time and money and can get you back into the labor market in a record time with all the qualifications of an MBA. It is ideal for those who do not want more in depth knowledge but rather they want a more managerial role and a leadership position.

Business is not only about theories! An MBA will equip you in “soft skills” as well. Leading an organization is also about building networks, leading and participating in teams, being able to work with different cultures and backgrounds.

A full time MBA is, in this regard, a life experience!

¿Why an MBA?

An MBA is intended to prepare people from any background for a career in the business world. It is a general degree, not a specialized master. If you intend to have a holistic approach to business and are not looking to build technical competences, the MBA is perhaps the right degree for you.

Timing for an MBA

Given the nature of the MBA, it is ideal to have a work experience before you start your MBA. Most programs will require work experience because they look for individuals that are focused and can bring to the table their own experiences to enrich the class debates. You are expected to participate actively in the discussions and will only be able to do so if you have good working experience and a well-rounded life. In addition, you have to be able to clearly articulate which are your career goals and assess how an MBA will help you attain them. If you are not clear about the last point mentioned, it would be good to postpone the decision about the MBA.

About this event

¿When and where will the event be held?

The event will be held on Saturday August 26th, 2017. The venue will be Hotel DoubleTree, Carrera 11B NO. 96-59 Bogota, Colombia.

¿How much is the registration fee for the event?

The event is free for all attendees.

¿Can I register if I have not completed GMAT preparation?

Yes, the morning sessions are open to everyone planning to do an MBA. So, it is not required to have the GMAT at this point.

If you want to participate in the one-on-one interviews it is strongly recommended for you to have started the preparation process and one of the first steps is the GMAT.

¿Do I have to register even if I only want to attend the university presentations?

Yes, you should register if you want to participate in any part of the event. There will be registrations the day of the event but if you are interested in the one-to-one sessions, you should register in advance and submit your CV in English.

¿Do I have to attend all university presentations?

PREMIUM MBA CONTACT FAIR is a unique opportunity to learn first -hand about the programs. We suggest that you attend as many presentations as possible. However, it is not possible to attend all as there are concurrent sessions. We suggest that you check the schedule.

If you are invited to an individual session in the afternoon it is necessary that you attend the morning presentation.

¿What do I need to do if I want a one-to-one interview with a particular school?

You should register as soon as possible and submit your CV in English for approval. In the registration form you should select the universities with which you want to meet.

Once you register, THE GRAD SCHOOL ADVISORS will review your CV and suggest changes or approve it. Once your CV is approved the universities will receive your information and CV.

The universities then will choose whom they want to meet. You will receive your schedule before the event so you can prepare for the interviews.

Please note that most of these interviews will be informative, they are not intended to be evaluative/admissions interviews. Nevertheless, you should be well prepared for the interviews because this will be your opportunity to present yourself to the university.

¿What happens if I am invited to a one to one session?

You should prepare for the interview to create a good impression. Make sure you have reviewed the program webpage and think why would you be the right fit for the school.

If you have requested the interview you are expected to honor it.

Here are some questions that can help you prepare for the interviews. You should be able to CLEARLY articulate:

  • Why an MBA
  • What are your short and long term career goals
  • Why will an MBA be key to reach your short and long term goals
  • What can you contribute to the program
  • What specific features of the program you like
  • What makes you a unique candidate
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses

If there are specific things about you that you want to discuss with the admissions representatives, this is the time.

I requested a one to one interview with a particular university and was not selected. ¿Does that mean that I am not a suitable candidate?

Universities have a limited amount of spots available for interviews. Thus, you might be a perfectly suitable candidate and still not been chosen for the one to one sessions. Don´t be discouraged!

In the afternoon, there might be some open spaces so we might still be able to accommodate you, but you need to be patient.

Event schedule

7:30 a.m Registration
8:00 a.m Admissions panels 
9:00 a.m University presentations
11:45 a.m Open fair
12:45 p.m Lunch break
2:00 p.m One to one informational meetings
6:30 p.m Event closes

¿Any questions?

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