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Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University


Our Two- Year Residential MBA, a program that through requirements, electives, and an immersion, helps you strengthen your confidence and build your foundation for a future of leadership.

Applicants to our Two-Year MBA program value collaboration and want to hone their leadership skills. They already possess great leadership potential, and expect their MBA program to help them maximize it. They seek significant career growth and new opportunities.

Our One-Year Residential MBA, an intense program that builds on your experience with new business skills and management knowledge that will propel your career forward. By integrating with 2 Year MBA students, this program provides an influx of new study partners and work experiences to incorporate in your personal network.

Earn an advanced business education that provides in-depth knowledge on the technologies, companies and industries changing the global landscape. Ideal MBA candidates for this program have a deep interest and connection to the tech industry as well as a strong academic background within science or engineering. Candidates without this academic background can still be considered but will need to show familiarity with technical tools in programming, prototyping and/or within engineering communities. All applicants, regardless of their undergraduate degree, should reflect the entrepreneurial and innovation-driven mission of Cornell Tech.

Johnson prepares individuals for significant future leadership roles via a curriculum that provides both an excellent foundation and innovative means of performance learning. Johnson’s curriculum is founded on three principles:

  • A foundation in leadership and all the key functional areas of business
  • Development of strong analytical and decision making skills
  • Allowing a high degree of flexibility in tailoring individual curricula

In our Two-Year MBA program, we accomplish these through:

  • Core courses which provide a knowledge base in the functional areas of business.
  • Electives that allow you to build skills and knowledge that are specific to your goals and interests. Johnson offers an unusual degree of academic flexibility; here you can choose courses not only from the MBA roster but from some 4000 courses offered all across Cornell University.
  • Performance Learning experiences are embedded throughout our MBA program, from orientation through graduation. You’ll apply theory and models to gain intensive, hands-on experience in teamwork, leadership, ethical decision-making, and strategic thinking. In particular, immersions deliver exceptional preparation for internships.


  • Programs:
    One-Year Residential MBA
    Two-Year Residential MBA
    Cornell Tech MBA
  • Class profile: Two-Year MBA: Class of 2017: Number Enrolled 274
  • GMAT (median) 700
  • GPA (median) 3.37
  • Average Years Worked 5 Years
  • One-Year MBA: Class of 2016: Number Enrolled 76
  • GMAT (median) 690
  • GPA (median) 3.5
  • Average years worked 5.3
  • Cornell Tech MBA: Either the GRE or the GMAT is required for admission to the Cornell Tech MBA. All official test scores should be reported directly to the Johnson School.


  • Joint degrees offered:
  • MBA/JD (Law)
  • MBA/MILR (Industrial and Labor Relations)
  • MBA/MEng (Engineering)
  • MBA/MD (Medicine)
  • MBA/MPS (Real Estate)
  • MBA/MHA (Health Administration)
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    Professionals with significant experience and advanced degrees or certifications (Chartered Financial Analyst Certified Public Accountant, Institute of Chartered Financial Accountants (U.K. and India version of CPA), Society of Actuaries, Project Management Institute (PMP)) are eligible to apply. Professional certifications and/or advanced degrees may be awarded credits at the start of the program. Advanced degrees eligible for credit include, but are not limited to: J.D., M.D., MEng, MHA, MPA, MEd, M.A., M.S., PhD. Cornell Tech MBA, the MBA re-engineered.


  • Specializations by function: Johnson offers its unique immersion model for Performance Learning in eight areas:
  • Capital Markets and Asset Management
  • Digital Technology
  • Investment Banking
  • Managerial Finance
  • Semester in Strategic Operations
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sustainable Global Enterprise
  • Customized Immersion.
  • Our unique immersion program is an intense, hands-on semester in a specific industry or career interest.
    More information here
  • Program duration:
    2 Years
  • Tuition Fees: $119,000 USD
  • Language Requirements: English
  • Percentage of Students Employed: 92%
  • Financial Aid for International Students: Available information here
  • Program Website

Event schedule

7:30 a.m Registration
8:00 a.m Admissions panels 
9:00 a.m University presentations
11:45 a.m Open fair
12:45 p.m Lunch break
2:00 p.m One to one informational meetings
6:30 p.m Event closes

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