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In Premium MBA Contact Fair you get in contact with top Colombian prospective MBA candidates in a new and efficient way!


Premium MBA Contact Fair offers participating universities one-to-one sessions with eight to ten pre-selected, highly qualified candidates for 2017-2018 admission in addition to the normal mass marketing opportunities. Students will be divided in two groups: potential students who are interested in future enrollment and a select and pre-screened group of highly competent candidates who will be ready for one-to-one interviews and admission in 2017. The latter  will have outstanding academic records, sound professional experience and have completed at a minimum a GMAT preparatory course. Universities have advance access to resumes of pre-screened candidates to choose who they want to meet in the afternoon sessions.

This innovative format enables universities to reach both the broad market of students and then evaluate and give detailed information to a select group of fully prepared prospective students ready for 2017 – 2018 admission. Schools, thus, maximize their contact with the targeted audiences in a cost-effective format.

The Premium MBA Contact Fair is distinctive from traditional graduate fairs in its approach and format. While traditional fairs allow universities access to a massive and unscreened number of candidates, the Premium MBA Contact Fair combines elements of traditional fairs with access to filtered  skillful candidates who enjoy the academic and professional characteristics that make them competitive at top-tier universities. All participating universities at the Premium MBA Contact Fair are known for their academic excellence and selectivity in admissions.

Event schedule

7:30 a.m Registration
8:00 a.m Admissions panels 
9:00 a.m University presentations
11:45 a.m Open fair
12:45 p.m Lunch break
2:00 p.m One to one informational meetings
6:30 p.m Event closes

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